Sunday, September 6, 2009

Theater Festival on 32 different Parks of Sao Paulo

Some parks of Sao Paulo will receive theater groups of the Teatro nos Parques (Theater in the Park) between September 5th and October 31st. Thirty-two city parks are subscribed on this festival adding 64 presentations, 16 groups are already working with a theatrical language specific for parks, streets, open or alternative spaces, putting together approximately 120 artists, actors, musicians and circus, with languages accessible to all age groups and social layers. Everything is absolutely free.

It has already started (Saturday 5th) at Ibirapuera Park and these presentations will be extended until the end of October.
The project Teatro nos Parques (Theater in the Park) has being organized by Cooperativa Paulista de Teatro and it's aiming to prepare people to the theater, because the parks are frequented by a wide range of people.

Scene of the group Buraco D’ Oráculo in an open air presentation

Participating Groups
Brava Cia., Abacirco, Buraco D’ Oráculo, Trupe Olho da Rua, Cia. Pia Fraus, Companhia dos Inventivos, A Santa Palavra, Circo & Cia., Circo Mínimo, Circo Navegador, Núcleo Pavanelli, Valdeck de Garanhus, Na Companhia dos Anjos, Atelier de Manufactura Suspeita/Companhia Linhas Aéreas e Grupo Ivo 60.

on 32 different Parks of Sao Paulo. Click here and check the program schedule. (Portuguese version only, so write a comment if you need a help).
Every Saturday and Sunday between September 5th and October 31st.
How much: For free

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