Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stylish Kabul Pub

Kabul's ground floor
Despite the name Kabul, this pub doesn't have any connection with the Afghanistan Capital. The name was inspired in a pub of Barcelona, where two of the three owners of the bar used to go when they were living in Spain.

Since 2008, Kabul brings a different music style for each day of the week (check the schedule down here), ranging between Jazz, Groove, Samba, Salsa, Black and many others. Starting every day at 9pm, Kabul is able to receive 200 people at the same time. Which is reasonable for a two store building. The main counter, the dance floor and the stage are on the ground floor. Upstairs there is a bigger bar, an exhibition room and a lounge space. Both upstairs and downstairs are surrounded of people and tables.

My personal advice for the dish goes to the 'bolinho de mandioca com carne seca' (meatloaf with cassava) accompanied with one of the best Brazilian Cachaças, called 'Salinas'. Typically local food and you won't regret (check out the menu).

It's possible to make reservation for parties and celebrations. The smokers can breathe a sight of relief: cigarettes are allowed in a garden inside the bar.

Where: Kabul, R. Pedro Taques, 124 — Consolação — São Paulo
What's up: On their website it's possible to find a well organized monthly program (only in Portuguese), where each day of the week has a different music style:
Tuesday: Jazz and Groove
Wednesday: Authorial Brazilian Music
Thursday: Samba Roots and 'Chorinho' (sort of samba style)
Friday: Salsa and Cuban music
Saturday: Samba Rock, Groove and Black

When: Tuesday to Saturday, from 9pm till the last client.
Phone: (11) 2503-2810
How much: Tuesday to Thursday, R$ 10 to get in; Friday and Saturday, R$ 15.

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