Thursday, September 24, 2009

The perfect Dry

The Dry Martini is a drink prepared using just a single drink: gin. That's why it's one of the most controversial and appreciated inside cocktail universe. The secret is in its preparation. The Dry Bar, managed by the bartenders Eduardo Renna e Rocha, hits the nail with their iced Dry prepared with velvet texture. It is worth sitting on the balcony and watch the preparation of mini Dry [75ml]. Mixing glass previously cold, Gin [Beefeater, as advice], three drops of Noilly Prat vermouth, a lemon 'zest' and olives to finish.
[juliana raimo by B-Coolt]

Where: Dry Bar, rua Padre João Manuel, 700 — Jardins — São Paulo
When: Monday to Saturday, from 7pm till 4am.
Phone: (11) 3729-6653
How much: For free to get in. The Dry Martini costs between R$ 18 and R$ 24 according with the gin.

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