Monday, September 21, 2009

Bicycle is faster than Helicopter inside Sao Paulo

A race: Bike vs Helicopter during rush time inside São Paulo

[photo: luisa santosa]
Against all the odds, a test made on September 17th has proved that the traffic jam can be surprising.

A challenge created to cross 10 kilometers inside the city during rush hour using 18 different kind of vehicles, had a bicycler as the winner. Among the competitiors, there were helicopter, car, motorcicle and even a walking person. The goal was to go from Avenida Berrine to the city downtown as fast as possible.

That was the 4th Desafio Intermodal and the winner reached the goal in 22 minutes, against 33.5 minutes of the helicopter, arriving in 4th position. A motorcycle got the 2nd place, making it in 25 minutes. The reason of the aircraft delay was the air-traffic city rules. From Avenida Berrini, the pilot needed to go to the Morumbi Suburb before moving up to the center.
[source: destak]

This index shows each one of the transportation applied during the competition. It's also possible to find the time expended, plus cost and quantity of CO2.
[source: CicloBR]

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