Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Google Maps provides traffic status in Sao Paulo city

The Google Maps website has launched it's new feature on the Sao Paulo city map. From now on it's possible to follow the current traffic status on the main avenues, bridges and streets inside São Paulo city. The database comes from the CET-SP (Engineer Traffic Company) that already provides this at its official website.

Further than current traffic information, Google Maps also provides average history of each day and it's critical spot in whole city. It's helpful to organize trips across São Paulo.

That isn't the first feature added to the Sao Paulo city Google Maps. On 2008, the SpTrans website service (public transport city company) was linked to Google's, aiming to improve the friendly usability to the service. Now, with the average traffic forecast and updated information, it's possible to find out a better way to move inside São Paulo. Check it out!

Website: www.maps.google.com.br

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