Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mercado Mundo Mix is coming on October 2009. Find out more

 Mercado Mundo Mix 2008

Created in 1994, Mercado Mundo Mix aims to put together the behavior of urban youth, the most diverse creative tendencies and promotes the brand new fashion production. It has already organized more than 200 times (literally), went through several cities in Brazil and has already crossed the Atlantic Ocean landing in Portugal. It means an audience of approximately two million people. Brands such as Chilli Beans, Doc Dog, Slam, A Mulher do Padre (AMP), Mário Queiroz, André Lima, Marcelo Sommer, Thais Gusmão, Érika Ikezili, Fábia Bercseck, Walério Araújo, Cavalera, Carlos Tufvesson, Complexo B and many others took their first steps at the Mercado Mundo Mix.

October 2009
On this edition, the Mercado Mundo Mix will be at the Memorial da América Latina (Memorial of Latin America) beyond fashion to everyone, it brings the 'Remix concept', where people and bands have success with covers of names like: Amy Winehouse, David Bowie, Cher and Lady Gaga... The event brings musicians offering personal versions of other successes for a cool and modern public.

Following the concepts of multicultural event, the Mercado Mundo Mix features 25 new brands, in addition to having an exhibition that brings together the work of seven photographers and have missed a line up that includes the cool party Gambiarra Paulista Party, which is on Sunday.

It's a great advice for the weekend. Try to visit these party event which brings together fashion, music, art and performances. All in a single space. Find out the event schedule:

Saturday (October 3rd)
  • 4pm till 5pm Dalua + DJ Tubarão
  • 5pm till 6pm DJ Pomba
  • 6h30pm Madonna by Lemoine; Lady Gaga by La Belle Beauty; The Ting Tings by Raphaella; Cher by Paulette Pink

Domingo – 04/10
  • 4pm till 5pm: Deftones by Deadtones
  • 5pm till 6pm: Marilyn Monroe by sweetie Bird
  • 6pm till 7pm: David Bowie Heroes by André Frateschi
  • 7pm till 8pm: Amy Whinehouse by Miranda Kassin
  • 8pm till 10pm: Gambiarra – A Festa (Djs Talita Castro e Miro Rizzo)

Where: Memorial da América Latina – Av. Auro Soares de Moura Andrade, 664 — Barra Funda, São Paulo
When: October 3rd and 4th 2009 (Saturday and Sunday): from 2pm to 10pm.
How much: R$ 5
(11) 3081-4431 


  1. is a really excellent tip!
    Mercado Mundo Mix is the place to meeting nice and "different" people, to buy alternative fashion and to hear electronic music of good quality.
    Remember me San Francisco in the spring!

    I´ll go!
    E-commerce Girl

  2. You are right, I have been there last year and loved it! I won't miss it this time either!